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The Remarkable INDY Tri-String

The Remarkable INDY Tri-String comes with all you need to make bubbles over 20 feet long. All you need is in the box you just need to add a bucket of water. The INDY Tri-String comes with a collapsible Tri-String made from rigid plastic tubes that simply slot together. The string it’s self pops onto the top of the sticks and can easily be replaced. with a bead to give the string weight at the bottom.

The INDY Machine that blows Bubbles inside Bubbles

The INDY Machine that blows bubbles inside bubbles does exactly what you’d think. after you’ve installed a couple of batteries just press the button and the fan begins to spin. Then just pour some of the WORLD FAMOUS INDY FORMULA into the dipping tray and dip the blower into it. Then lift high and press the button and watch the magic happen. As the fan blows, the clever bubble wand that is attached will simply blow lots of small bubbles inside one larger bubble.

INDY Ping Pong Bubbles

The INDY ping pong bubble game is great fun for all ages. Simply pour the WORLD FAMOUS INDY BUBBLE FORMULA into the dipping tray and then use the bubble blowing trumpet to blow a small ping pong size bubble. Then flick the bubble into the air and use the special cotton covered ping pong bats to bounce the bubble from player to player.

INDY LED Light Up Bubble Shooter

The INDY LED Light up Bubble Shooter doesn’t need batteries to light up. It runs on a dynamo powered by the trigger. When you trigger is depressed the dynamo spins and the gun lights up as it shoots a trail of bubbles from the spout. Supplied with 2 x WORLD FAMOUS INDY FORMULA bottles this toy will last a while and when you run out of formula just attach a bottle of our INDY refill and away you go again.